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Life after the crash of 2020!

22nd March, 2020

Probably a little pre-emptive but I would like to try and move your focus to six months from now.

The news cycle is doing what we expect at the moment and every five minutes there is a Minister, Premier of ‘expert’ giving their view on what will or won’t happen. Remember they want you to ‘tune into the next episode’ so the language will always be dire and urgent.

The saying ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ very aptly describes the situation we are in at the moment. We don’t like uncertainty and when there is no new information, someone will try fill up the void with ‘their’ take on the unknown.

As usual, ‘unprecedented’ is getting a great run. The only unprecedented part of the Coronavirus is the impact social media is having on the speed of information. Even toilet roll hysteria is not unprecedented – who could forget ‘The Great Toilet Paper Scare of 1973’ – yes it was a thing, google it.

We have had pandemics before, as recently as 2009 but remember:

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