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Accounting & Taxation

Almost all business decisions have taxation implications at some point and too many business owners fail to manage their tax position which often leads to paying too much tax. Added to that, fines and interest penalties can also be incurred when there isn’t a dedicated person or team overseeing your tax position. Many businesses operate their business entity under the incorrect taxation structure which could jeopardise their eligibility for valuable capital gains tax concessions or not provide tax optimisation generally.

BAS, GST and income tax payments often represent some of the largest financial obligations of a business – failing to plan for these taxation commitments is setting yourself up for cashflow issues.

KEF Accounting provides their clients with valuable resources to assist with tax liabilities and having the cashflow to pay on time.

We assist our clients in structuring their business and tax affairs to achieve the most beneficial tax outcome. We encourage timely client meetings well before financial year end to consider tax planning strategies.

We specialise in:

Our focus is to ensure there are no tax surprises