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Business Advisory

AT KEF Accounting, we focus on our client’s business success, both in the short and long term. We understand that our clients take being in business very seriously, and we are serious about keeping them in business. We believe unique selling point lies in our proactive approach and our commitment to saving our clients’ money both in accounting fees and in innovative tax planning and structuring.

We recognise that every business progresses through five different stages. As your business accountant we will work with you through all the stages, whether you are starting a business, operating a business or winding one up.

The first stage is the Acquisition

We provide assistance in ensuring business is constructed on a solid foundation.

The second stage is the Initiation

We provide the following services to deliver business stability:

The third stage is the Development

Allow us to assist you in the growth of your business.

The fourth stage is Advancement

At this stage your business should be returning a profit, you may wish to invest these profits.

The fifth stage is the Succession

Business Services with KEF Accounting – making numbers make sense